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My A Levels 2009

In spring 2009 I graduated from German high-school and of course I took my camera with me. I filmed the days of examination and the A level party and produced a movie. During the party I used the camera crane which resulted in really awesome pictures :-).

Something interesting about the background story of the film’s creation: Our first A level party was canceled due to a school shooting menace (which would later turn out as having been a hoax) and was replaced by a storming of the school by the police. According to a police officer the balloons of our decoration caused serious problems to the police special force – spontaneously bursting balloons were responsible for one or more adrenaline rushes and they had to destroy a serious number of them to access the teachers’ lounge.

Fortunately we were able to postpone the party and had it two days later, after the building was thoroughly checked. The student who had announced the shooting only because she wanted a day off, was identified.

Nicolas Rocker, Nicolas Pilia (filming) |
Philipp Hasper (filming, editing) |

Hobson 2008

Hobson 2008 is a program suite which simplifies the selection of classes for German A levels. It replaces the current paper-based system by a web interface for the pupils and a management application for the school’s administration. Pupils can submit their course selection online while the administration is able to process the data and export them to third-party programs such as lecture-planning software.

Every 10th grader is assigned an account with which they can authenticate in the web interface to update their personal information whenever necessary, and finally make their course choices according to the limitations set by the Ministry of Education (the standard limitations are those of Rhineland-Palatinate).

Hobson Screenshot 1 Hobson Screenshot 2 Hobson Screenshot 3

The project was created as part of a school project and was developed together with Oliver Klupp. Those interested in the software can get an idea by downloading the (German) manual.