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Protect your email address from crawlers

I have come up with my own way to protect private data like email addresses, postal addresses or telephone numbers you want to or have to publish on your website. I was wondering if anybody else does it this way and what could be possible pitfalls. So please comment this post or write me if you have any remarks.

A simple solution would be hiding it via JavaScript (technically this would rather be “revealing via JS”) – but this does not work for me since I don’t want to exclude users with disabled JavaScript, for example blind people using screen reader. Plus, German law requires you to provide contact information barrier-free. The same holds for displaying the address as image.

My approach works with simple HTML+CSS only:

  1. One long-known technique for “encryption” of email addresses which I included into my approach is the substitution of some characters in your HTML code by their hexadecimal counterpart, i.e. mail@example.com → mail@example.com. This will break poorly-programmed crawlers but it is a pretty old trick so I assume it is not that effective anymore.
  2. Another simple method are HTML comments which won’t affect your readers but (hopefully) some crawlers: mail@example.com → ma<!-- just one comment -->il@example.com.
  3. And here comes the new part: include invisible boxes containing useless text in your code: mail@example.com → mail@ex<span style="visibility:hidden;float:right;">useless</span>ample.com.
  4. Please don’t forget to exclude sites with such disguised information from legitimate web crawlers via your robots.txt file – otherwise your site would look broken.

Altogether this disguises your email address as

ma&#105;&#108;&#64;<span style="visibility:hidden; float:right;"> useless </span>examp&#108;<!-- just one comment -->&#101;.com.

As you may notice this approach is not very pleasant for screen reader users either but I think if you include a personal message via

<div style="visibility:hidden; float:right; height:0px;">
Dear screen reader user. I have included some invisible boxes
in the following contact information to puzzle spam crawlers.
I apologize for your extra work but I am sure you will
be able to decode the text.

it will work for them. Displaying your address as image or disguising via JavaScript would not.


Passdraw is my first smartphone app on Google Play.

Passdraw is a special keyboard assisting you with entering your passwords – which is normally ridiculously annoying on smartphones. After you have done the setup just draw one of your secret paths whenever you need your password!
+ No annoying switching between special characters and normal keyboard layout
+ Bystanders don’t get to see the original characters
+ This app does not know your password either
+ No extra permissions – your data stays with you!
+ No need for simple passwords
More information under www.passdraw.com or directly on Google Play.

Update (December ’13): I am currently working on a complete redesign with an entirely new algorithm and a new user interface. So stay tuned!

Passdraw Screenshot 1 Passdraw Screenshot 3 Passdraw Screenshot 2