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I need H.E.L.P

I need H.E.L.P. (High-End-Lautlos-PC – translates into High-End-Silent-PC) is a jump&run-game telling the story of a poor computer modder fighting against out-dated technology to reach his aim – the H.E.L.P. .

The game was created during a creativity competition managed by CHIP-Online. They assembled six different personal computers (a gaming pc, a home theater pc, …) and asked their community to apply for one of them in a creative way. I need H.E.L.P. was my application for the “Lautlos-PC” (a completely passive cooled and therefore almost soundless computer).
Accidentally I won this computer. My complete application (in German) can be found here. The game is compatible with Wine.

I need H.E.LP. Screenshot 1 I need H.E.LP. Screenshot 2 I need H.E.LP. Screenshot 3

Ghostball 3

Let’s play two-dimensional ghost soccer – with a friend or against the computer! Special tricks, a basic ai and 10 different levels of difficulty provide hours of fun!

Ghostball 3 was programmed in 2006 and was my first “real” game. It is compatible with Wine.

Ghostball Screenshot 1 Ghostball Screenshot 2 Ghostball Screenshot 3