OpenCV Image Watch for cv::Matx

When developing for/with OpenCV using Visual Studio, the Image Watch plug-in is very useful. However, it does not support the new cv::Matx types (e.g. cv::Matx33f which is the same as cv::Matx<float,3,3> ). Here is how I made use of debugger type visualizers to customize the plugin:

  1. Go to the folder <VS Installation Directory>\Common7\Packages\Debugger\Visualizers\ and create a new file called Matx.natvis
  2. Open the file and insert the following:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <!-- Philipp Hasper,>
    <AutoVisualizer xmlns="">
      <UIVisualizer ServiceId="{A452AFEA-3DF6-46BB-9177-C0B08F318025}" Id="1" MenuName="Add to Image Watch"/>  
    	<Type Name="cv::Matx&lt;*,*,*&gt;">
    		<UIVisualizer ServiceId="{A452AFEA-3DF6-46BB-9177-C0B08F318025}" Id="1" />
    	<Type Name="cv::Matx&lt;*,*,*&gt;">
    		<DisplayString Condition='strcmp("float", "$T1") == 0'>{{FLOAT32, size = {$T3}x{$T2}}}</DisplayString>
    		<DisplayString Condition='strcmp("double", "$T1") == 0'>{{FLOAT64, size = {$T3}x{$T2}}}</DisplayString>
    		<Synthetic Name="[type]" Condition='strcmp("float", "$T1") == 0'>
    		<Synthetic Name="[type]" Condition='strcmp("double", "$T1") == 0'>
    		<Item Name="[channels]">1</Item>
    		<Item Name="[width]">$T3</Item>
    		<Item Name="[height]">$T2</Item>
    		<Item Name="[data]">(void*)val</Item>
    		<Item Name="[stride]">$T3*sizeof($T1)</Item>
  3. You don’t even have to restart Visual Studio. Just start a new debugging session and you can look at your cv::Matx types.

Image Watch for cv::Matx

More about customizing the Image Watch plug-in can be found here.

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